Interior Window Shutters

Interested in adding Interior Shutters to your South Jersey home or office? Contact Custom Window by Robert A. Kline. We have been providing South Jersey customers with a variety of interior shutters for almost half a century.

Interior wood window shutters allow you to control light and visibility. Fully framed interior traditional and plantation shutters are truly an heirloom for any South Jersey area home, retail or professional office site.

Traditional and Plantation Shutters in South Jersey

Traditional shutters (also called Colonial shutters) are an historically accurate style of interior shutters featuring narrow frames and 1.25" miniature louvers. Plantation shutters are a more contemporary type of interior shutters for your South Jersey home or office, and the most popular style. Both traditional and plantation shutters have tilted wooden louvers, which are similar to the slats on blinds. But unlike blinds, these interior shutters (usually made of wood) are fitted to the window frame and they can be opened out like doors, rather than with a pull-string.

Many Options for South Jersey Interior Shutters

There are many options for interior shutters for your South Jersey home or office, and they're very versatile! Interior shutters not only cover regular rectangular windows, but they're also ideal for atypically shaped windows, including arch-top, sloped, bay, round, or atrium door windows.

Many South Jersey homeowners like the option of multiple groups of louvers in each panel of their interior shutters, which allow privacy and visibility at the same time. You have your choice of lower portion closed and upper open, all open, or all closed. A hidden gear system eliminates tilt bars. Vertical louvers and wood insulates are available.

Interior wood shutters come in stock paint, stains, and custom colors. They're available in louver sizes up to 4.5". Interior wood shutters are made of various white hardwoods and other species, such as oak, cherry, wormy chestnut, zebrawood, teak, pine, cypress and more.

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