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If you want to find custom window drapery in Medford NJ 08055, contact the custom window drapery expert at Robert A. Kline. For nearly half a century we've been providing custom drapes in the Medford NJ area.

Custom Draperies and Drapery Hardware in Medford NJ 08055

Add a fashionable feel to your Medford home decor with beautiful window drapes. Draperies can be customized with a wide array of fabrics, colors and designs to create a special look in any room of your Medford home. From the drapery hardware to the fabric of the drapes, you can customize the style to reflect what you enjoy, creating cohesive décor throughout your home.

Choosing the Right Drapery Fabric

When it comes to installing custom draperies in Medford NJ 08055, there's an abundance of options. At Custom Window by Robert A. Kline, we are experienced and knowledgeable in helping Medford area homeowners with the right drapery fabrics, colors and patterns for their wants and needs, as well as providing quality drapes for privacy and blocking of sunlight. Whether you are looking to create an impressive living space with lavish draperies or want to add room darkening drapes to your bedroom, we can help with all your Medford NJ drapery needs. We are delighted to utilize our almost half century of experience in the industry to aid you in selecting the draperies that are right for your taste, your room, and your budget, and install them for you too.

We'll recommend the proper hardware using photography and actual color chips. Installation is always part of your Medford drapery design project.

Whether it's straight or scooped side panels on rosettes or a pole, full draperies on a decorative traverse rod, solid color or multi-hued pattern fabric, classic pleats or soft ripplefold, we can design the right drapes for each room of your Medford NJ home or office. Create a unique treatment with trim and coordinate room colors with bullion, fringe, drape jewelry, embroidered tape and tassel tiebacks. Drape hardware can feature metal, wood, resin, crystal, glass and natural earth elements.

About Medford NJ

Medford, with a total area of almost 40 square miles and population of over 23,000, includes the unincorporated communities of Birchwood Lakes, Braddocks Mill, Chairville, Christopher Mills, Crossroads, Fairview, Kirbys Mill, Medford Lakes in the Pines, Melrose, Oak Knoll, Oakanickon, Oliphants Mills, Pipers Corners, Reeves, Taunton, Taunton Lake, and Wilkins. Medford is one of 56 South Jersey municipalities that are included within the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve, a protected natural area, and part of Medford is also included in the Pinelands Area. The area known as Medford was sold to Samuel Coles in 1670 and consisted of 900 acres. Upper Evesham, as it was then known, continued to grow, and in 1820 when the post office opened, the area was officially named Medford of Upper Evesham (named after Medford, Massachusetts). Medford was incorporated in 1847 from portions of Evesham Township.

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Call Custom Window by Robert A. Kline at 609-707-7742 for Medford NJ 08055 draperies, including custom drapes and drapery hardware. You're going to be pleasantly surprised at how well your custom draperies transform your room and home into something of beauty!

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